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Without Data You Are Just a Person With An Opinion : Transformation from Data Analyst to Data Scientist

Data Science – Today Meets Tomorrow:

Data Science is a unity of descriptive statistics, algorithms, processes, and techniques which are used to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data. It is a study of where the information comes from. Data Scientist’s job is to extract knowledge which leads to organizational profits and are of considerable human value.  Data Science is a valuable resource behind all the information outburst provided by IT Companies and all kinds of businesses, be it finance sector or healthcare.

What does A Data Scientist Do?

  • Data Scientist’s job is to identify data analytics problems and offer the requisite solution to the company
  • Set the correct data sets and variables
  • Provide accurate data by cleaning unnecessary data from Big Data
  • Apply models and algorithms to mine the Big Data stores
  • Interpret data to discover remedy or solutions.
  • Analyze data to identify consumer and product patterns based on Data Scientist’s skill

What do Big Data Analysts Do?

  • Big Data Analyst usually works with raw and unstructured data with the intent to find a solution that will help the company in its future business predictions.
  • They use Big Data Analytic Tools to work in databases; basically, they are the people with immense knowledge in Big Data
  • They find the problem and Data Scientists discover a solution.
  • They need to be very comfortable in coding, data warehousing, and computational frameworks
  • They are the machine learners and expert programmers and they put programs in the context of business goals.


  • Data Scientist can predict the future based on the past but a Data Analyst merely curates meaningful insights from Big Data
  • Data Scientist usually forms his own question from the knowledge fetched from Big Data. Analyst searches answer from data.
  • A Data Analyst uses Data Analytic Tools and addresses problems but the Data Scientist not only addresses the problem but also searches immediate solution.
  • Data Analyst works with day-to-day stuff but a scientist works with Big Data Technologies and searches what-ifs


Data Scientist’s Skills depend on how efficiently he can process Big Data, find the apt model for the profit of the company and how promptly he finds a solution when he addresses any problem. He can use data analytics and visualization application to extract useful data.

On the contrary, a data analyst translates data, decodes it and does market research, he decodes the sources in a simple language so that the company gets in a nutshell what strategies they should adopt to improve overall business quality.

If you want to shift from the analyst’s profession to a scientist’s profession, there are certain things you need to consider –

  • You should practice your current role because practice makes a man perfect. If you intend to shift, you should observe the intended work and exercise your skills. Data Scientist’s Skill needs critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the data evaluated for your organization.
  • You can do a short Online Data Science Program to get a better idea. There are Data Science Certification Courses available too.
  • You should improve your model building skills and try working with real-life problems.
  • You should explore different projects with data engineers and experts.
  • You should learn the proper use of Data Analytics Tools to get hired by the best organizations.
  • Before you make the shift set your goals because you need full dedication, commitment if you wish to move up the ladder of your career.

The 1-Year Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science & Business Analytics offered by 29-year old education group IIAS FuturEd; is a program that is both University-certified [MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology), formerly WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology)] and stamped with industry approval by IT Giant IBM – offered with IBM Global Badges valid worldwide. So whether you are a Data Analyst or an aspiring Data Scientist, this might be your answer to upskill your skill-set and act as a CV-booster to move up the ladder in the in-demand Data Scientist profile.

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