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The Great Growling Knowledge of Change: Data Science at its best


The world is changing and it’s no longer perceives the way we have seen the world before. Now the technology defines the meaning of the world. And the word “Data Science” is playing the biggest role. Data Science is the same as data mining. That is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific processes, scientific methods, algorithms to extract knowledge. As we have entered the era of big data and we have stored a large amount of data, we need those data to be processed well. Here lies the main utility of Data Science. Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence.


Have you seen those Hollywood sci-fi movies? These all the charisma of Data Science Ask me how? Because Data Science is a scientifical field that uses technology, algorithm, and systems to extract knowledge from raw and unstructured data. Nowadays there are hardly people who do not use Facebook or WhatsApp. In 2014, it was seen that Facebook is emotionally blackmailing users through its newsfeed which presented different emojis and emotional reactions. And nowadays it is almost 2.7 billion people who use Facebook. All credit goes to Data Science technology.

Now probably the effect of Data Science is very much clear to us. Data Science is today and Tomorrow

  • A Data Scientist can challenge his staffs to adopt the best practice of technology to reduce labor
  • They can take quick decisions based on the quantified data
  • They can identify new opportunities and adapt them to stand according to the market needs
  • They can identify the target audience and go ahead
  • They can make the organizations the best reading the way the market is going towards and become a good scrum manager

Online Data Science Courses are also available. Online Data Science Programs can give you an opportunity to take your career to a prosperous one.



If you love technology and want to make your career in that learning Data Science can be a good option for you. You have to learn programming languages like Python, C, C++, JAVA, and SQL to understand computer programs. Python for Data Science is obviously has become the most popular one. Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Statistics are also important. Data Scientist’s Skill will be dependent on how efficient he is solving problems and making decisions. Masters in Data Science is also very popular nowadays and that is for those who want to learn more. In the modern time of Big Data and Data Science, Data Scientist’s Qualification and hard workare the pawns of the industries. And according to the McKinsey Report of 2011, there was a shortage of 140000 to 190000 data analytic experts and 1.5 million managers in the market of Data Science.

A few Online Data Science Programs are:

  • Data Science Specialisation
  • Dataquest
  • Applied Data Science with Python Specialisation
  • Data-driven decision making


It is confirmed by IBM that upcoming years are going to be the years of Data Analysts and Data Scientists and they are going to 700000 new recruitments for this matter. And there are companies in Bangalore paying almost 18 to 20 lakh per annum for Data Scientists. A Data Analyst just addresses a business problem and a Data Scientist not only addresses but also solves. It is very common nowadays to transit from Data Analyst to Data Scientist by experience and hard work. The future is bright and the future of the world is also dependent on them.

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