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Certificate Programme in Effective Workplace Communication

  /    /  Certificate Programme in Effective Workplace Communication

Certificate Programme in Effective Workplace Communication

Delivery Format



3 Months

Session Commencing

September 2020

Individual Courses FEd.014

Key Highlights

Master public speaking

Build a great first impression

Improve written grammar and vocabulary skills

Resume building workshop

Designed for students & working professionals

Learn how to make presentations & proposals

Improve your telephone conversation skills

Simulated real-life situatons and interactive exercises

University certification

Program Benefits

Learn the ropes of basic spoken and written skills in English along with the emphasis on active listening skills for accurate understanding and correct paraphrase

Get a comprehensive understanding of Presentation Skills and usage of business vocabulary to initiate effective sales pitch and impactful official communication to maximise business impact

Improve business writing skills to ensure effective sharing of intended message in business communication for all context; including emails, reports and meeting minutes

Pick up the basics of business etiquette and corporate grooming as well as importance of Body Language indicators with reference to stakeholder interactions

What you will learn?

Report writing
Email drafting
Meeting Minutes
Negotiation skills
Presentation skills


Skill Level Basic Diagnostics - Reading, Spoken & Written
Email Writing Basics with Business Email Writing Practice
Writing Effectively
Grammar Recap + Indianisms usage
Writing Skills Practice Assessments
Spoken Skills Practice using Group Discussions, Debates & Role Plays
Conversation markups
Reading & Comprehension
Business Etiquette & Grooming
Body Language Indicators
Presentation Skills
Progress Mapping via Assignments

Who should do this course?

This course is for anyone who wants to succeed in a global workplace and have to communicate with clients or partners all across the world. You will develop skills for writing meeting minutes, reports, e-mails and day-to-day communication.
We also customize for organizations who want to train their team for industry-specific cases and lingo.

Minimum eligiblity

Class 10+2 pass. Basic exposure to English language is required.

University approved certification

Post this program, you will get an industry relevant and recognised Certificate in Business Communication from one of India's largest state university for management and technical education - Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT, formerly WBUT)

A Must for Success

Communication skills are vital to success in business. Whether you operate your own company or work for someone else, or seek to stand out during future employment - you need to deliver your message clearly and confidently.

Your career prospects

Becoming an effective communicator can also help you get job roles such as:

Customer service representatives

Sales representatives


Public relations specialists

School counselor

Training and development specialists

What you pay?

Total Course Fees is Rs.10,000

What you get?

Certificate from MAKAUT

Student support from mentors

Resume building

Convenience of LMS supported online learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a course in Business Communication? How different is it from English speaking ability?

Good communication skills at the workplace is essential for human interactions, rapport building, group bonding and thus for business success. Merely speaking English might not suffice to help prove your point across in client presentations and work interactions; what you need is an extra edge in terms of effective business communication skills to drive home your business insight.

Business communication is a way of exchanging information for business benefits. It encompasses the topics of marketing management, advertising, public relations, reputation management, event management etc. Media channels for business communication include television, internet, radio, and word of mouth. Video conferences, reports, presentations, phone call, face to face meeting are also an important part of the business communication process.

How is this course more beneficial than self-study?

This course comes equipped with rigorous assessment-based concept-learning in the basics of vocabulary and functional grammar along with listening and reading activities for the overall improvement in English language across speaking and writing parameters.

What are the focus areas of this Business Communication course?

Writing correctly and speaking impactfully keeping functional grammar in mind, with an added focus on active listening skills and general vocabulary build-up; along with regular assessments and practice tests to help keep pace.

What kind of preparatory reading can I take up before starting this course to improve my business communication skills?

As English is considered a global language, brushing up your English communication skills help is vital to stay professionally active on the work-front. Here are some books which can help you master the nitty-gritty of effective business communication:

  • HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE by Lell Lowndes
  • TALK LIKE TED by Carminne Gallo
Why should I choose IIAS over other similar institutes?

IIAS FuturEd courses help professionals hone business operational sense along with future-ready managerial & leadership skills to the next level through cutting edge business analytics while implementing effective business communication skills. At IIAS you get to the advantage of experiencing world-class business communication course aided by Cambridge Learning Management System (LMS) portal with opportunities for practice exercises in line with world class pedagogy in English language learning.

Certification Awarding Bodies

Global certifications by international corporate giants + University affiliations at your beck and call