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At IIAS a student passes through an education system that is in tune with the needs of the industry and the IIAS teaching methodology, faculties, industry collaborations and events are synergized to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills required to stand out in their career of choice. With a focus on international exposure and industry-readiness, IIAS has often tied up with colleges in other parts of the world to give its students the best possible education and experience

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Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics

Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics

The world is evolving fast through continuous progress, and we need to keep up to match the fast pace of changing global scenario. It is therefore imperative that with the changing times, we change our thought process to align futuristic goals. How many of you use a shutter camera to click pictures nowadays? Many would not even be aware of some object like that even existed, possibly, before their “timeline”! Or dialled numbers manually in a landline phone set and spoken to a receiver before the advent of smartphones with their touch and swipe technology? To state the obvious, landline phones are on the brink of extinction now; becoming historical artefacts best suited for the curator’s collection and possibly new-found status symbols to be flaunted by the economically advanced class! Similarly, it is time to move on from a traditional MBA degree program to a more evolving pedagogy. How many of you have heard of an MBA in Digital Business? Or maybe even a Digital Business Management degree or a diploma course? Have you spared a thought of pursuing a master in digital business under the gamut of digital marketing executive education programs?

Traditional MBA vs Evolving Technology – Master in Business Analytics:

In line with this thought-process, traditional streams of academic disciplines might not be sufficient enough to help you meet your individual and organizational goals a few years down the line. Be it a digital media marketing course offering professional diploma in digital business, digital innovation is the call of the hour. In this evolving world of intermingling technology; a graduate degree, followed by a typical PG Diploma (MBA) in the specialization fields of Human Resource (HR), Finance, Marketing or Systems might fall short of meeting our goals 5-10 years from today. It is high time that we analyse the thought process which goes behind our aspiring for that PG topping on that graduate degree cake. The academic degree/diploma might seem relevant in today’s world, but how relevant will it be 10 years later? Will that PG degree with its age-old pedagogy help us prepare for the next variant of technology evolution at that stage of our profession? Or do we have to invest in an additional business intelligence courselater on (to add to the burden of high costs of education) to meet the then industry demands of the individual upgrade?

Industry 4.0: Data Analytics catering to Digital ecosystem:

The digital influx of all context has led to a historic paradigm shift in terms of the evolution of an industrial revolution. The i4.0 (Industry 4.0) is characterized by an amalgamation of the cyber-physical systems including the physical, biological and digital ecosystems. This has led to a unique intermingling of systems and human resource along with digital business management to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in this age of disruptive digital innovation.

Futuristic Goals – Start with a Master in Business Analytics Today:

Keeping the above context in mind, the Post Graduate Diploma Course in Digital Business has been designed to meet the demands of the current ongoing disruptive digital innovation and turn it into the executive’s competitive advantage. This is achieved through change anticipation and use of enhanced digital strategization via digital business management. To convert all that Hebrew into simple English, let us first understand how innovation in digital business management with its array of digitization of systems and resources (from extensive paperwork to compact online portals) affects our existing status-quo of business life-cycle.

MBA Digital Analytics catering to Digital Innovation Boom:

A few decades back, digital business was unheard of and life at office meant scurrying for the right piece of information amongst piles of files and ledger account books trapped in cartons, long steel wardrobes or chest of drawers. Some offices where scores of data had to maintained for several years at a row and needed to be accessible on a regular basis, they had separate store rooms allotted which were sometimes exclusively used as File Rooms to store important tons of paperwork in thousands of files. Amidst all that chaos, searching for a specific file or a particular source of data was a herculean task even with the most effective cataloguing process. Most offices recruited separate office peons whose sole job profile revolved around the data-searching venture at the right time and in the right place. But coming back to the modern age, though most offices have a couple of important back-ups in the form of physical files, papers and ledger books; the day-to-day hassle of information search and data analysis has been reduced to a bare minimum with organized database available via both intranet and internet technology. This has increased the scope of digital strategy courses onlineto better understand the digital revolution disruption.

Digital Business Strategy – It’s A Small World After All:

When Google tells you, “Honey I shrunk your office” – rejoice in it and consider yourself blessed to be part of this digital boom. Nowadays, state-of-the-art leaner and smarter offices have less paperwork to handle and store. With the advent of digital business management techniques via outburst of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others – the potential outreach of individuals and organizations for the targeted audience looking for those particular set of products, skill-sets and services are narrowed down drastically to save time and money. Such cost-effective measures for direct client engagement through social media marketing strategies and campaign advertisements have effectively contributed towards the digital business transformation life-cycle and change in individual desired skill-set requirement.

What is the Digital Media Marketing Course?

In the context of this digital business management transformation affecting the business ecosystem, the Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business (PGDDB) has been designed as one of the intense year-long exhaustive business degree courses about Digital Business transformation starting from solution assessment to solution design, to cater to the needs of this ever-evolving digital economy. Keeping in mind the future demands of industry 4.0 revolution, the online digital marketing courses launched by IIAS Education Group includes industry experts as faculty who hone participants about leadership styles and leadership context in this digital economy starting with rigorous self-assessment. A case-study based practical learning in a project-oriented pedagogical structure of digital marketing classes helps participants understand and align themselves to the digital transformational leadership styles as per existing and future demand.

The Professional Pay-offs of a Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics :

A study in the existing business structure with exploration of new digital leadership style in the context of this ever-evolving technology, the professional participating in the 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business (PGDDB) program gets the competitive advantage to grind their business, managerial and leadership skills to the next level according to the future business demands. An opportunity to skip a few rungs in the corporate ladder on the way to the glass ceiling with better prospects for multiple career specializations is what is offered by this futuristic digital business course for both corporate and non-corporate executives and managers.

The Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics  Advantage – Blend of Traditional & Modern:

Digital technology makes life easier by offering new avenues to solve existing issues is what form the crux of this digital revolution. From that perspective, online digital marketing courses breathe in a fresh perspective in existing business models via digital transformation with the help of new user-friendly tools and targeted data points through complete digital integration; both from the organization and global scenario perspectives. Not just upgrading of individual skill-set in preparation of future global demands, this technology-driven business intelligence course also helps participants to weigh the pros and cons of traditional vis-a-vis modern business trends and accept the ones best suited to maximise business benefits.

Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs through Digital Marketing Courses Program Outline:

Starting from the solution assessment level, the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics  delves in the role of data analytics in digital business, covering topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Digital strategization of digital business marketing procedures. A study of the Digital Business Models ushering in this new era of Digital Transformation along with digital leadership projects with individual mentoring from the crux of this course. Learning to deal with the impact of digital technologies on an organizational level, as well as Blockchain and digital business scope amalgamating into the digital business model is integrated into this business intelligence course for meeting future demands of digital leadership format.

Learning Curve vs Earning Curve:

Many of you might be wondering where would you can afford the luxury to invest 1 year in academic pursuits amidst all this hullabaloo of personal economic demands and the global recession scenario. Well, that is exactly where Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics  gives you the edge to stay in the race while upgrading yourself at the same time to meet the demands of future digital business models. Resting on the IIAS Education Group’s Earn and Learn principle, this digital media marketing course offers weekend and evening digital marketing classes for working executives in two semesters divided across six months each; inclusive of digital leadership workshop projects and one-to-one executive coaching.

IIAS Kolkata Campus Facilities:

The Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics considered equivalent to an MBA in Digital Business is offered currently at the IIAS Kolkata campus in AC classrooms fitted with modern audio-visual aids and state-of-the-art infrastructure created by the appropriate use of technology; including a modern computer lab with high-speed wifi facility. Additional amenities such as a fitness centre and indoor games room along with a fully operational cafeteria offer executives to keep the health quotient in mind when opting for IIAS digital marketing executive education programs. After all, it is always a healthy body which precedes in forming a healthy mind!

To sum it up, Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics  offers corporate as well as non-corporate executives to brush up their existing digital leadership skill-set and contribute more effectively by aligning individual goals with organizational goals for the future demand. Online marketing courses catering to the demands of social media and digital business management is the perfect answer to upgrade your skill-set by exposing yourself to the current trends in this digital economy and buckle up your safety belt to be prepared to meet the demands of the future professional scenario in this age of disruptive digital innovation.

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