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Importance of MBA in Digital Marketing in the Postmodern Era

In the modern era, we all are accustomed to the use of the internet. Now it is not needed to explain what the internet is, how it works. The Internet itself is an invention of the digital world. In India, there are 629 million people using the internet every day. It overtly means 35% of the whole population in India using the internet nowadays. It is called digitalization. In fact, nowadays our politicians are also speaking for digitalization so that India can go cashless. To make India cashless there should be certain strategies so that we, the people of India get benefitted. But who will make and set the strategies? Obviously, MBA(s) in digital marketing are the masterminds behind all strategies.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly through the internet. But it also includes mobile phones and any other digital medium. Digital marketing channels are systems, based on the internet. It can create, accelerate and transmit product value from producer to customer through digital transformation. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology fundamentally used to deal with customers. Digital transformation is in a way which creates a new or modifies old business process to meet the changing market requirements.

Have you seen coca cola summer TVC 2017 advertisement casting Deepika Padukone? Here you have seen how Coca-Cola breaks the ice between two strangers. Two strangers were stuck in an elevator and were rescued by Coca-Cola. Well, you might think it as goofy. But this digital marketing is fun. And the revenue of Coca-Cola is almost 32billion USD. 

MBA in digital marketing:

Digital marketing degree teaches you to reach digitalization increases; brands need digital marketing managers to market their services and products on their medium. MBA in digital marketing programs comes with fast-changing technology. MBA in digital technology courses are one to two years long. MBA in digital marketing has a corporate focus. Masters digital marketing is designed to equip you with the skills needed to engage the audience through digital media. It effectively makes your business grow through networks. You are able to actively work to develop marketing strategies and also learn online marketing courses. MBA in digital marketing online programs are also available. You are going to get more experience if you attend digital marketing graduate programs. In that case, Digital marketing books are going to help you to know the basics. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not even need the internet. That includes SMS, MMS which we often use to communicate.

Have you seen the option “marketplace” on Facebook when you log in your account? If you click on the marketplace you can see many sellers are selling their products like garments, jewellery, showpieces, etc. some sellers are reselling too. Here if you like one material you need to ask the price through a personal message with the picture of the product and they will tell you the price. Here you can get hundreds of pictures. This is how the product sells. And nowadays this is an apt example of digital marketing.

The term marketing analyses the market and understands what consumers actually want. It also includes finding out which company can give the product more profitably. It also tends to refer more to advertising and promotions in the digital world.

Why should you attend MBA digital marketing class?

Well. Why should you attend MBA digital marketing class when you know this course is already overcrowded? Now the number of total internet users is worldwide are 368 crores. As the number of internet users is growing higher, the scope in the digital industry is also increasing. And the career prospectus is also growing higher.

In MBA digital marketing class you will get to know the basics of business marketing concepts. They will also teach you product placement strategies and advanced techniques for leveraging web-based brand growth. You are going to be skilled in digital media to engage customers, create interactive customer experiences. It also includes brand and product performance. 

According to the report of U.S bureau of labor statistics report, there is a 9% growth in the career of MBA in digital marketing in the last 10 years. Strategic marketing, social media optimization, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web analytics, email marketing are a part of a digital marketing course which you are going to learn in MBA digital marketing class. In this class, you are also going to learn how to target customers’ through digital channels. You have already known about the Facebook marketplace which is quite popular nowadays. This program also includes e-business technologies, interactive and direct marketing, digital marketing and global enterprise. As you are well aware of how fast the world is going towards digitalization MBA digital marketing is definitely going to help you to make the brightness of your path sustained. 

MBA in business intelligence: 

Are you ready to prove that you can help any business grow richer and mightier? If yes, you should do MBA business intelligence. You can give various ideas for the help of the company. You can produce various strategies for digital marketing too. In order to do all there, you need to be a master how to identify, transform and communicate big data. Chances are there to be a marketing manager, personal finance advisor, financial analyst, management analyst, operation analyst doing MBA in business intelligence course. An MBA in business intelligence will give you all the information about it. MBA in business intelligence will help you gain knowledge expertise in numerous analytical tools. It is often used to collect and analyze data for business intelligence and support of different functional areas in an organization. This field also needs quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modelling, descriptive statistics, etc. 

PGPM- ex is an executive MBA program with a blended training mode and it is flexible, modular and industry-relevant management program for working professionals. 1-year executive MBA in digital marketing is designed to provide a deeper and better understanding of this field. Executive MBA in digital marketing would focus on providing in-depth knowledge of digital and social media marketing and analytics that would help a company in planning and implementing. 

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. The terms e-marketing and digital marketing are still dominant in academia. Nowadays all of us are very much available in social media and see various businesses are available in social media. And the customers are already reacting to with brands. And if you are not speaking directly with your audience through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest you are missing something. Great marketing in social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving deals which help sales.

MBA in social media marketing designed to provide students with the critical knowledge and skills to gain marketing insights. Digital marketing books can help you to have a basic idea on this. MBA in social media marketing helps you through experimental learning, and for this reason, students get confidence to do this course. 

Lenovo A700, Mahindra Gusto #GoGustoRide, Tata Sky #DailyDillagi, Britannia 5050 feeling, Mountain Dew #NaamBanteHainRiskSe are apt examples of social media marketing which has already changed people’s point of view on a simple product.

Here are some masters in digital marketing programs for you:

  • Masters in digital marketing
  • Masters in digital marketing and communications
  • Masters in marketing and digital business
  • Specialized masters digital transformation and marketing
  • Master in media, management, and digital technologies
  • Master in online marketing and commerce

MBA in digital marketing distance learning programs are also available. Digital marketing courses can be done online and offline. 

Not only an MBA can you do MSc in digital marketing too. This program also provides marketing graduates with specialized knowledge and skill which are required for the application of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing degrees online:

Digital marketing professionals are in high demand. Most of the companies are moving away from print advertisement to digital media. Companies are seeking sharp, forward-thinking professionals to move forward. They are allowing them to manage their marketing campaigns. So, if you are sure that you have those skills you should pursue a digital marketing degree online. This profile will allow you to plan marketing programs to generate public interest in various products. 

Some affordable digital marketing programs are:

  • Marketing in a digital world
  • Digital analytics for professionals: marketing analytics in theory
  • Digital media and marketing principles
  • Digital marketing analytics in practice
  • Marketing in an analog world

Digital marketing campaigns in India:

The digital marketing campaign is known as a digital marketing effort forward by a company or brand to drive traffic, leads, revenue, conversations, and engagement. While you log in your Facebook account promotes top brands and their posts and videos. In Instagram also you get the same picture. These are the campaigns of digital marketing. For this reason, you need planning, development, management, and strategies. 

“Design your own bucket” is the campaign which is started by KFC. Here the participants came up with their colourful and creative buckets. This time 5500 entries in total, they also introduced bucket entries with Sachin’s picture on KFC bucket the day he took retirement. Another attractive campaign by KFC was “currycature” here the fans had to choose a character with an ethnic Indian touch and then to upload the picture. And their next move was “wow menu option on an INR 500 note”

Another successful campaign was made by Bajaj avenger in 2017 called “Ride your own independence”. It was a 1.44 minutes video which had a great impact. The message they gave was about the freedom of the women too. “The day women can walk freely on the roads at night, the day we can say that India has achieved independence” – this was the message. The campaign was clicked by more than 11 million people.

What is the scope of an MBA in digital marketing?

MBA in digital marketing is the key to hold an in-demand profession. Higher pay and multiple career options are the salient advantages of having a digital marketing career. In recent times, the most sought after career opportunity is digital marketing. In 2017, 8 lakh jobs were increased than the previous year. The USA itself generated almost 13000 job opportunities for digital marketing professionals. In fact, our prime minister is also trying to make India digital.

If you are trying to do an MBA in digital marketing you are definitely going to get massive job opportunities. A Digital Marketing degree includes certain sub-branches like that of a SEO analyst; social media marketing executive, reputation management executive, etc. 

Why should you do an MBA in digital marketing?

Since people are moving online, the digital industry is growing too. Digital marketing industry holds huge promise for MBA students with a new wave of marketing firms. They have a better potential for jobs according to the market trends. Technology continues to drive us in the 21st century.

  • Our industry demands digital marketing skills. In India, we have several industries like real estate, health pharmacies, B2B organizations, B2C organizations.  They are searching for digital marketing experts on a continuous basis.
  • There is a wide variety of job prospects for MBA in digital marketing like social media marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising, copywriting. So if you are doing MBA you have the option to choose from various career perspectives.
  • Digital marketing adds weight to your resume. It also gives you the strength to start your own company and hire employees. It encourages entrepreneurship.
  • Digital titans such as Google and Airbnb are always on the lookout for new talent particularly in the area of emerging technologies as artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream and offers scalability. We all are well aware of digital gaps. Agencies and digital marketing firms are searching for new talents because India has 430 million internet users alone. The total advertising expenditure in digital space is projected to touch $4 billion by 2020 in India. 

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