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How Social Media is using Big Data – The Good and Bad effects

Big Data and Data Scientists

Big Data is a kind of data which has a huge size. It is a collection of huge data which is growing exponentially with time. This data is so large and complex that no traditional data management tools will be able to store that. Big Data and Data Scientists play a great role in fetching information through technology, descriptive statistics, mathematics, and proper calculation. Big Data can be found in three forms- structured, unstructured and semi-structured.


  • Social media: nowadays we are so lonely and isolated that we take help of social media like Facebook or WhatsApp for passing time. We post pictures, we scroll newsfeed, we chat in messenger or WhatsApp, and we give reactions in posts. Unwilling or unconsciously Facebook is taking all our personal information from these and gathering them as Big Data. Data Scientist’s Job is to fetch information from our reactions and gather data from our actions. A statistical report showed that 500+ terabytes of Big Data get ingested into the databases of social media site Facebook everyday.
  • Transport: a single jet engine can generate 10+ terabytes of data in 30 Minuit’s of flying time. When thousands of flights fly everyday it emits up to many petabytes.
  • Banking and securities: a study report shows that 16 projects in the 10 top investment and retail banks have shown that they take the help of Big Data for detecting forgery, security alarms, making databases and archives, etc. Statistics for Data Science technology is used here.
  • Healthcare activities: a physical take a day to day report of a patient’s health record which means gathering a large amount of big data. Surely it will not be done through old techniques and while billing in medical shops or taking EMR (Electronic Medical Records) use of big data is seen.

What are Data Scientist’s Jobs with Big Data?

There are a variety of tools to analyse Big Data. They are NoSQL Databases, Hadoop, Spark, etc. current market is showing that in 2019, Data Scientist’s Job is growing to grow by 20% more. The Big Data analytics’ market is set to reach $103 billion by 2023. By 2020, every person is perhaps to be generated 1.7 megabytes in one second.

A Data Scientist’s jobis to make value from Big Data. He takes information from various sources and analyses it for better understanding. He takes decisions for the business growth of the company, for making AI tools, etc. Data Scientist’s Skills are important in this field. Sometimes they come with the degree of Masters’ in Data Science which also helps them for better understanding. So many Data Science Institutions are there for teaching and making interests grow in Data Science.


Facebook is the world’s fifth biggest and popular company and there are 2 billion users worldwide. Arguably it is the most popular social media in the world. It uses an enormous amount of data from the users. And unknowingly we share it with Facebook though we cannot say that the data is mean. Facebook knows our personal choices, which our friends are, what they look like, when is our birthday, where do we go, where do we eat, etc. but sometimes Data Scientist’s Jobs are so perfect that Facebook knows us better than we know ourselves. It knows detailed customer information by tracking cookies, face recognition, etc.


  • What are the programming languages to understand big data?
  • What is a Data Scientist’s Job?
  • What are the configuration files in Hadoop?
  • What is commodity hardware?
  • What is MapReduce?
  • Compare Hadoop and Spark
  • Explain the core methods of a reducer
  • What are the Edge Notes in Hadoop?



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