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Data Science: The Interrelation between Data Scientist and Data Analyst


Data Science is the multi-disciplinary field and a blending of data inference, algorithms, linear algebra, descriptive statistic, and technology in order to solve the critical problem and analytically complex problems. Data Scientists are the new breed of data experts who have technical skills to solve complex problems .they are part mathematicians, part scientist, and part computer programmer. They can detect the problem from the big data and find the immediate solution. Data Scientist’s Skills and Data Scientist’s Qualification matter in the field of Data Science Jobs.There is about 11,000 to 19000 data scientist in the world; still, we are facing a shortage of data scientists. And IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will soar 28% within 2020


Big Data is more than high volume, high-velocity data. That data can come both in a structured and unstructured format. It is not the amount of data that is required. So Data Scientists extract the required amount of data from there. They have to take the help of basic and descriptive statistics, algorithms and technology to do it. Big Data and Data Scienceare interrelated. Computer languages like R, C++, SQL, JAVA, and Python needed to understand the problem. Python for Data Science is in demand nowadays


Data Analyst is a person who takes data and uses it to help companies making good business decisions. There are different types of Data Analysts in this field like marketing analyst, program analyst, financial analysts, etc. a Data Analysts translate numbers and codes into plain English and the goal of data analysis is to inspect, clean and transform modelling data with the goal to get useful information. It supports decision making.


  • Data Scientist is a glammed up term of Data Analyst. Data Scientist identifies a problem from big data and then finds the solution and a Data Analyst is a person who is given a question by the business team and pursues a solution with guidance.
  • Data Scientist’s Skillsare most familiar with databases like Hive, MySQL,etc. where the Data Analysts have to be familiar with business analysis and warehouses.
  • Data Scientists are perfect in mathematics, correlatives, data mining, machine learning, etc. Statistics for Data Science is important while the Data Analysts have to have deeper knowledge in tools and components.
  • A Data Scientist collects data, garners actionable insights, and shares those with the company. On the contrary a Data Analyst shifts through data and provides reports and tells what insight the data is hiding.


Data Science jobs(be it Data Scientist or Data Analyst) needs a science background. You have to be a bachelor in mathematics, statistics or computer science or physics. With I, Master’s in Data Science will help you go further. And most of the Data Scientists or Data Analysts do Online Data Science Courses for better skill. Data Science Certifications are also available. One can do Online Data Science Masters courses too. Data Science Institutions are there helping you go further. Learning programming languages are also needed to understand the problem. The skills you have learned in your degree courses will be effective for easy transition from being a Data Analyst to Data Scientist which is one of the most wanted jobs and we are almost at a shortage of 151171 Data Scientists till now.


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