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Data Really Powers everything that we do: A Reality of data scientist


They are the big data wranglers. They have technological skills to solve complex problems. Big Data and Data Scientists are common terms now. Statistics for Data Science is growing high in the era of Big Data. Data Scientists are part mathematicians and part computer scientists who are very eager to rectify and the sum of quantified data and come to a conclusion with a solution. Data scientist’s Skills are based on his efficiency of mathematics, statistics, computer languages like JAVA SQL, PYTHON, etc.


Skills need knowledge. When one has a particular knowledge of something and can take immediate decisions based on that knowledge, is called skill. Data Scientist’s Qualification is a big factor in this field. You have to have a good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, and computer languages to be a good Data Scientist. Online Data Science Programs are also available in the market. India is contributing 6% of the Data Scientists the whole world have and in India the total number of Data Science jobs, positions are almost 97,000. Compared to the number of 2017, it increased by 45% in the year 2019. There are Data Science Institutions helping to go with your choice in Data Science. And Data Science Certifications are also available in India if one is to fulfill his thirst in this field. Suppose you are a Data Analyst and you want to switch it to Data Scientist, you can do certificate courses to get deeper knowledge.



If you are opting to take Data Science Jobs you should know what are the most obvious questions in this field.

  • What is Data Scientist and what is supervised and unsupervised learning?
  • What is Selection Bias?
  • What is the difference between long and wide format data?
  • What is the normal distribution?
  • What do know about the statistical power of sensitivity?
  • What is the difference between overfitting and underfitting?
  • What language would you prefer to analyze text?
  • How does data cleaning plays a great role in data science?
  • What do you know about cluster sampling and systematic sampling?
  • What is machine learning?
  • What are the various classifications of algorithms?
  • What are recommender systems?


  • Applied AI with Deep Learning
  • IBM Data Science Certificate Courses
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Applied Data Science Capstone
  • Advanced Data Science with IBM



As data continues to rise in volume and variety, businesses will become data-centric. With the progress of Data Science, immediate decision making power is also growing. The world runs with technology and Data Science is the future of Artifical Intelligence. Have you ever seen the flashbacks on facebook? Or have you seen some flashes of birthday reviews or facebook memory updates? It means Facebook is using big data highly. Not only facebook, but other social media also using big data for innovation, cost savings, strengthening brands, etc. in India we have almost 97,000 Data Experts and still we are in need of more. So, Data Science Skills can give a turn to your career and Data Science Institutions are there to help you achieve your goal.Online Data Science Programs are also available nowadays

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