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Communication is what makes a team strong

The Role of Effective Communication in Workplaces

Incident one: Rahul is very intelligent. He wants to be an engineer. He has gone to interview after completing his study. At the conversation round he failed because he could not convey his message well. He was shy to speak in front of everyone. He thought he might say the wrong English and he remained silent.

Incident no 2: Rohini is bossy. She has leadership skill. She has communication skills. However, her words seem too piercing to her colleagues. She has communication skills but not effective communication skill. This is a major reason her impression is degrading every day.

Two incidents mentioned above are some of the common problems faced by all of us. These are relatable in our lives. Both the characters mentioned above are a failure in their own places. In order to have a proper conversation, we need effective communication skills. Otherwise, all that is left are words without meaning.

What is communication?

Communication word has come from “communicare” which means “to make common”. Communication is the process by which we understand and in turn try to be understood by others. It is dynamic which always shifts from one according to the situation. It usually exchanges facts, feelings, and information between two or more persons. There are two types of communication – verbal and non-verbal

Tips for effective workplace communication:

  • To be a good leader, you have to be a good listener first. Listen, listen and only listen. Listen to the point of views of your co-worker. Everyone does not know everything but everyone knows something. You should utilize that. Ask for clarifications in case of When you speak a lot you might miss out what others are trying to communicate. Listening is one of the greatest roles in good communication skills.
  • It matters who you are talking to. When you are among your friends you can use colloquial language and talk in an informal manner. But when you are talking to your senior or your boss, it matters how you approach the topic. You should have good communication skills and appropriate manner to talk to your seniors.
  • Effective communication skills create an environment which is friendly and harmonious. If you can convince your co-workers through your effective communication skills your work can be completed in a hassle-free manner and you can also maintain good professional relationships at workplace.
  • You should be brief and specific to your point. You should not beat the bush if you do not know about the topic or have no idea about it. You should always cross-check all communication before sending text messages, emails or meeting notes. When you are sending an email check whether you have answered according to the business context.
  • You should write down things and work in a disciplined routine. When you are in a meeting, you cannot always rely on your memory; hence need to take down important meeting notes. Noting down important pointers during official communication is a tried-and-tested way to improve your communication skills as well.

Good communication skills in workplaces:

Arjun is supposed to give a verbal presentation in a business meeting focused on business ethics. He starts his presentation with the preconceived notion that his audience is knowledgable enough to understand all the technical jargon to be used in his presentation. He talks about business platform models, big data, big data Hadoop, etc. with the result that the audience lost all their interest after a while. Arjun felt awfully awkward after seeing their reactions. He understood that he should have done proper research on his audience first. All his efforts were in vain. Let us see what Arjun should have done to make his presentation successful. It was important for his personality development too:

  • Learn your audience first. You can have excellent communication skills but if you do not do proper research on the expertise level of your team members or the people attending a meeting, all your efforts will go in vain.
  • If your audiences come from different strata it is important to give them a clear idea first on which topic you are going to lead the meeting so that their interest is generated.
  • Use proper body language to create a friendly atmosphere. When you enter a meeting, enter with a smile. You should say “hello” to all.
  • You should treat everyone equally and maintain a positive attitude until the end of the meeting.

Tips for clear English communication skills:

“What did you say?” “Can you be a bit clear and loud?”

There is hardly anybody who has not heard such words from their seniors. They were not clear while speaking English. They were shy. They thought that they were saying the wrong sentences. It is important that you speak clearly so that people get to know what you have said.

  • If you are learning English and have gone for an interview, you can be bold enough to tell them that you are doing a course to improve your communication skills in English; which will be seen as a positive factor for your self-improvement to make yourself better employable.
  • When you have time at home try talking to yourself in English. Like any other activity, English communication skills become perfect when you practice it regularly.
  • You can improve your communication skills through repeated practice. Spoken English courses also help you do the same.
  • Try public-speaking practice in front of a mirror. It is a kind of personality development.
  • Be clear and to the Be loud enough to speak them clearly. Say what you mean. See if those who listen to you can connect to your words or not. If not, change the way of talking.

Channels of effective communication skills:

  • Vertical communication: it includes downward and upward communication.

Downward communication starts with top-level and flows down to the middle levels to line workers and nonsupervisory personals. The purpose of such communication is to advise, inform and instruct.

Upward communication is to supply information to upper classes about what is happening to the lower classes.  The authority makes progress report or keeps an eye on specific employees through this information.

  • Informal communication: it is called grapevine communication. This can happen between friends or people of the same class where you do not need to follow any rule and regulation of talking.
  • Lateral communication: lateral communication gives a direct channel for coordination and problem-solving. This communication happens between the departments of an organization and generally follows the workflow and provides a direct channel for coordination.

What can be the barriers to effective communication skills?

  • When you cannot penetrate your audience by your words they automatically lose interest. You also lack the interest to make them understand. You get to know it while looking at them. If they indulge in mobile or laptop browising or talk to each other while you speak, it overtly means they cannot connect to you.
  • If you are well prepared to give speeches. If you forget what you are supposed to say, if you do not know how to use your filter phrases like: “ you know”, “actually”, it shows lack of preparation and people cannot connect with you.
  • If you are not friendly at all and have a rough/expressionless face while you talk it becomes a real barrier to effective workplace communication

Tips to get good business communication skills:

  • Presentation skills: Presenting information and ideas to the audience can take you to a successful position. These communication skills allow one individual to share his or her ideas with a group of people. A good presenter is a good storyteller. When you start talking you should always start it with a proper introduction. 
  • Teamwork skills: You cannot always work alone. You need the help of your team members to reach a wide range of people. A leader is always a good listener. He talks to each of his team members and takes a decision which is favourable to all. You should have good communication skill to lead everyone in your team. A good communicator is always a good leader.

Some business writing courses online and offline:

  • Business writing for social media
  • Effective business writing
  • Business and technical writing immersion
  • Better business writing skills
  • Business writing for busy people

Some books on business communication skill:

  • Effective Business Communication by Asha Kaul
  • Business Communication by K.K.Sinha.
  • Effective Business Communication by Pooja Khanna
  • English for Business Communication by Simone Sweeny
  • A Course in English Communication by Madhavi Apte
  • Business Ethics and Communication by P.S.Rathore

Importance of good communication skills in workplaces as well as gatherings:

If you are a good leader and have fluent and good communication skill, definitely you are valued at your workplace.  Employers value employees with essential communication skills.

If you have leadership skills such as giving instructions, work in a team, seek information from others and interact with team members, your career is automatically eligible for an upward curve. Employers want staff who can think for them, take initiatives to solve problems, etc.; hence it is important to have good communication skills to communicate with others.

Not only in the workplace, if you are a good communicator are you the star of the party. Be it social gatherings, corporate parties, or business meetings, everywhere you are bound to shine with good communication skills. A good communicator is always a good listener and an interesting personality that everyone loves to interact with.

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