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Artificial Intelligence and how Relatable is it to our Lives

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence where the machine is given the power to simulate human beings. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. There are two kinds of Artificial Intelligence. 

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a feature of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that provides a machine with the ability to simulate human activities. It focuses on the development of computer programs. These machines are explicitly programmed to learn and improve automatically. It can access data and use it to learn and evolve automatically.

Use of AI in our Lives?

  • SIRI – Siri is Apple’s assistant which helps you with various day-to-day activities such as find contacts, send messages, find routes and so on. Siri can be your apt guide for the day’s regular chores.
  • OLA/ UBER: Transport system is made easy by these applications and now you don’t need to worry when you leave home. 
  • TESLA: Car geeks are quite aware of the automobile giant, Tesla. The self-driving feature is there in Tesla cars. 
  • Google Maps: When you are driving alone on the roads, Google maps can be your apt guide, guiding to your destination without the need to ask people and get confused with multiple; often misguided directions.
  • JIO SAVAAN: Jio company has launched JIO SAVAAN application which recommends you your favourite music according to the basis of your previous choices

Is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence same? 

No. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence serve different purposes. But lots of people think that Robotics is a part of AI. The platform where Robotics and Artificial Intelligence mix up is the hubspot of Artificial Intelligent Robots.

Robotics deals with AI Robots. They are self-sufficient creatures and usually able to work autonomously and can do a series of tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science. It helps developing programs artificially which is done by human intelligence. For example, algorithms are used in Google searches.

What is the AI Course and what do you learn from it?

AI Course’s duration varies from three months certificate program to 1-year integrated Program inbuilt in Data AnalyticsDiploma course; where you get to learn things like:

  • Python for Data Science
  • How to Build Machine Learning Models
  • Ethics and Laws of Data Science
  • What is Deep Learning
  • Developing AI Solutions

These AI Courses can be done online and offline. Quite a number of AI Books are there if you are truly enthusiastic and would love to research more on the subject. There are lots of AI Articles which can also help you read more and know more about the field of AI

Why Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses are Necessary for this Domain?

Almost 140000 to 190000 Data Scientists are working all over there world and everyone is trying to surpass another. At this time if you have special skills you will not be replaced; as being relevant is the key in this stiffly competitive global business scenario. Certification courses give you the chance to enhance your skill and know more about what leads to the greater profit generation for the company. There are a couple of Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses which could help you substantially know in-depth about Artificial Intelligence:

  • Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science & Business Analytics


Both these above-mentioned programs are University-certified [MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology), formerly WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology)]  and stamped with industry approval by IT Giant IBM, offered by 29-year old education group IIAS FuturEd.

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