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A glimpse into the utility of Data Science and Business Analytics

When we start discussing data science and business analytics, we must know what data science and business analytics are. We must have a clear idea of such topics.

Now let us see what data science is. Data science is the same as data mining; it is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific processes, scientific methods, algorithms to extract knowledge. It uses the most powerful programming system, most powerful hardware and algorithms to get the solution of the problems.

And when we are talking about business analytics we must understand the ideas what it includes. It refers to practices for continuous iterative exploration, skills, iterative exploration. It uses fact-based management to encourage decision making. It practices a methodological exploration of an organization’s data. It is a data-driven decision making. Data is the core element here.


ABC of data science that we should know

When we start learning something, new language is important. As we are in the modern era and are in need of searching for new kind of professions, data scientists or big data scientists can be a good option. Now let us discuss how to learn data science clearly and what are the data science programs or where is the institution which gives us the opportunity to learn it or what qualifications are needed to be data scientists…let us go a step deeper to understand the present scene.


What kind of languages need for data science?

The most effective language for data settings is Python.At first, let us know what Python is. Python is a programming language. It supports structured programming, functional programming patterns. The name “Python” is corrected by Monty Python. Data scientists who are coming from science or engineering backgrounds are used to this language. Python is free and open source software. Its functionality can be extended. Data science has been a beneficiary to them, among which Panda is the most popular Python in data analysis library. It is used to import data from excel sheets to processing sets from time series analysis. When someone is to learn data science, to understand language is important.  Except there are R, SQL, JAVA, JULIA, and SCALATENSORFLOW which are quite important for data scientists.


How to learn data science?

When we say how to learn data science it obviously includes Python Programming, Mathematics, Linear algebra, descriptive statistics and market learning and very importantly machine learning. We have already discussed before what skills u should have to be a data scientist. There are online data science courses available which give benefits to those who are unable to attend physically.  Various data science programs are also available to grow the pupil’s interest. There are courses on Artificial Intelligence which helps to learn data science. Data science jobs in this competitive market are quite praiseworthy because of its high demand.


What things are included in graduate courses in data science?

It takes three years to get a degree in data science. The student should have a strong desire for technical sides. That course includes computer programming, mathematical statistics, algorithms, calculus, linear algebra, statistical data analysis, advanced calculus, matrix, algebra and applications, consumer behaviour, machine learning and above all it needs market research.

Simulation modelling, data mining, big data processing techniques and lots of project works are included in this course which is very much attractive to tech-savvy students. Language programming like Python, C, C++, and JAVA are also important for data scientists or big data scientists.Data scientists also do a Master’s course or PhD to secure a good place in the organization. Online Master’s program is available now for enthusiastic. Data science jobs are also praiseworthy nowadays.



online data science programs available in the market?

There are some data science programs which u can try to get benefited

  1. Data science specialization
  2. Data quest
  3. Applied data science with python specialization
  4. Python data science and machine learning
  5. Data-driven decision making


Intuitions are there to nurture their knowledge. Data science master’s programs are also there along with certificate courses. Learning data science will definitely secure a good position in corporate sectors as well as government sectors.



What skills are needed to be a data scientist?

Data scientists should be highly educated. They should have a Master degree or PhD.They should have a strong educational background with a depth of knowledge necessary to understand data science

  • To become a data scientist one should earn a bachelor degree in computer science, statistics, social science, mathematics or physical science
  • Better if u can do an online course to train yourself in a special skill like how to use those programming language mentioned upwards
  • You need practical leaning except classroom learning.
  • Data analytics is also the main part of this course
  • Data scientists can compete with others and be in an advantageous position by doing certificate courses
  • A key part of data science is a statistical Descriptive statistics are needed for this. Data scientists fetch data from channels and give shape and come to the conclusion depending on descriptive statistics. R programming language has some exposure to statistics. From a high-level view, statistics has been an essential part of data science. It can give a concrete conclusion rather guesstimating

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is to develop new insights to understand business performance based on data and statistical method. It uses face-based management for decision making. It is used to automate and optimize the business process.


Applications of Business Analytics

  • Finance: intelligent tools of BA helps determining the price of the product. It studies the trends of performance of a particular product.
  • For professionals: professionals use these analytics to find information about the background of performing candidates. As well as they can guess the employee retention rate.
  • Credit card companies make great use of BA for financial health, behavioural trends, lifestyle, etc.
  • It helps to supply chain management, measuring performance, reaching targets, etc.


Who are big data scientists?

Big data wranglers are called big data scientists. They take messy data points whether they are structured or unstructured and sum it up by using the skills of mathematics, statistics, etc. their program is to clean, manage and organize them

They are analytical data experts. They usually use their technical and social skill to manage those items which are not organized. They are the professionals who are capable to gather a large amount of data to analyse. They usually process raw data which is not aggregated. It refers to the humongous volumes of data. Data scientists obviously need good skill in language programming,statistics, machine learning.


How Data science and business analytics are interrelated to each other…

From the discussion placed above probably we get to know what data science is. It is a concept that usually handles big data that come in an unstructured form. Data scientists give shape to those. While giving shape they use their skills and give an accurate result that helps taking business decisions. Data scientist’s jobs are very much in need in the market as we have already discussed before.


Do we know what big data is?

What is big data? Big data is a large collection of heterogeneous data from different sources. They are not available in a standard database format. Big data encompasses all kind of data which are structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

Some unstructured data are – tweets, emails, blogs, digital video, web pages

Semi-structured data – text file, XML file

Structured data – OLTP, transaction data

Data science is like an umbrella under which big data is a part.


What kind of Certificate courses we can do in data science?

Let us give you some hints of certificate courses on data science

  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • Cloudera Certified Associate: data analyst
  • Cloudera Certified Professional
  • Data science Council of America
  • Dell EMC Data Scientist Associate
  • HDP Data Science
  • IMB Certified Data architect
  • SAS Certified data analyst
  • Microsoft Professional Programme in Data science
  • SAS Certified Big Data Professional


Certificate courses along with your graduation degree in a way helpful to get jobs on data science.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence sometimes called machine intelligence. It is intelligence demonstrated by machines. It contrasted natural intelligence. It is a simulation of human intelligence which is possessed by computer systems. It includes reasoning, learning, planning, problem solving and self-correction. Machine learning is a core part of AI.


Artificial intelligence in use today

  • Alexa: Alexa has become one of the best AI use of today. Amazon first introduced Alexa. It took much of the world surprised. It is a revolutionary product who can decipher speech from anywhere in the room. It helps to get information, shopping, scheduling appointments, etc
  • Netflix: nothing much to say about Netflix, a technology based on customer’s reaction on films.
  • Pandora: possibly most revolutionary tech that is of use today. It is called music DNA. This system has an amazing record of recommending songs
  • Ola/ Uber: all of us are used to this technology which has helped our journey comfortable. Whenever you need to go somewhere book a cab from Ola or Uber which takes you to your destination without any problem.
  • Siri: Siri is Apple’s professional assistant. She interacts through voice on a daily basis. She helps to find information, gives direction. She is a pseudo-intelligent digital assistant.


Which institution provides you with the best opportunity?

IIAS School of management is giving you an excellent opportunity to flourish yourself in the era of the rat race by giving you an opportunity of one year master’s program on data science and business analytics. That would help to stay safe in this competition. It is a forward-looking education where they are delivering world class pedagogy and imparts quality education. Nowadays as we are always in a hurry searching for new kind of jobs IIAS is your pathfinder to achieve your dream. Go with IIAS, learn what data science is, show your excellence and all the best.

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